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HP is one of the most popular and leading brands for desktops and computers. They have their own monitors, pre-built CPUs, keyboard, mouse, computer peripherals, and other accessories.

With a wide range of specifications and features, HP computers have been preferred by a majority of the users who are looking for high-quality computers and desktops.

Laptop Store has been a partner with HP for years now. Laptop Store has the authorized HP Computer Dealers and Showroom in Bangalore. Furthermore, Laptop Store india also offers full fledge support for HP computers and Desktops.

Also, if you have any queries about any of HP products, Laptop Store will help you out with it. We will also guide you through the process of buying one from us if you are looking to purchase any of the HP Computers or Desktops at the best prices in Bangalore or anywhere else in India.

Why Choose Laptop Store?

Laptop Store is a digital marketplace for computers and desktops. Our goal is to help the consumers to find the right professional computer for their needs. Furthermore, Laptop Store connects you with a wide range of highly qualified and experienced professionals for various services like computer repair in india, HP Computer Dealers and Showroom india, and more.

When you choose Laptop Store, you are choosing the right team of dedicated experts who are committed to your best help. Laptop Store takes the time to fully understand your goals and requirements, and we work with you to create the right plan just for you. That's why we offer our clients a wide range of services india.

Our mission is to help individuals and small businesses to boost their online presence in order to grow and boost their revenue, and without a computer, it is not at all possible. By meeting you with HP Computer Dealers and Showrooms india, you can choose the right computer for your needs.

Laptop Store india will help you to browse hundreds of computers and desktops for your needs that too in your area. Furthermore, you can select the right service type, location, ratings, and prices, according to your requirements for the best deals on computers.

What does Laptop Store Offer to its Consumers?

Laptop Store india meets you with the best HP Computer Dealers and Showrooms. Hence, you have plenty of options to choose from. We have a large network of trusted service providers india to meet your needs.

Whether you are looking for a computer repair or you want to get your HP Printer repaired at home, we can quickly find the right professionals for your needs.

Service Warranty

When you choose Laptop Store india, you're choosing a trusted brand with an established reputation. We'll back up the quality of our service providers by offering you a service warranty. That means if anything goes wrong, we'll make it right.

At Laptop Store, we all care about our customer satisfaction. Hence, we want to offer the best quality repairs along with a service warranty, as we are highly confident in our trained professionals.

Affordable Services

At Laptop Store, our goal is to make your life easier. That's why we offer you a fast, convenient, and affordable way to find the best professionals for repairs and services india

Laptop Store offers you the option of searching for a professional by service or by location so that you can easily find what you're looking for. Moreover, Laptop Store india will also take care of the best service by sending qualified experts to your home.

We at Laptop Store make sure that we offer competitive pricing with the best quality services in india.

Ultimate Support

With Laptop Store, you get a list of top verified professionals in Bangalore. Whether your computer needs hardware or software installation, driver update, network connectivity, or general maintenance, we have the right computer repair services for you.

Our professionals will come to your home or office at your preferred time for the service. They will diagnose the issue and repair your computer at affordable prices.

Qualified Technicians

With Laptop Store, you will find qualified technicians who have been background-checked and rated by other customers. Through our innovative technology platform, we also provide online support if you encounter any problems with your service provider.

How to find your computer needs a repair?

There can be multiple signs that your computer needs repair. And Laptop Store india is right there for you when you want to get your computer repaired. However, most of these are common computer problems that can be easily resolved at home.

·   The computer is slowing down

·   The computer is not turning on

·   The computer peripherals are not working

·   BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

·   Audio is not coming out

·   Drivers are outdated or missing

·   Computer is overheating

·   USB Ports are not working

·   Wi-Fi Connectivity Problem

How to deal with common computer problems?

When your computer gives you an error message, it's usually because something is wrong with your computer. If you get an error message, try to understand what it means.

If you don't know what the error message means, there are many websites that can help you figure out what it means. If the error message tells you to contact a system administrator, then get in touch with the expert technician at Laptop Store.

Blank Screen is Popping Up

If your computer is throwing a blank screen on boot, then there are some things you need to check first. First of all, check if the PC is properly connected to the power sources and it is plugged in. After that, check if the monitor is alright or not. Sometimes it is the monitor that has the fault.

You can also try to use a different or a new monitor to check if the issue does not exist with the monitor. Apart from that, what you can do is get in contact with Laptop Store support so they can help you out in such situations.

Computer is Stuck

If your computer is running slowly or not responding, there may be a problem with your computer. You may need to uninstall programs from your computer and reinstall them using the original installation media. This will fix most problems with computers.

If the issue doesn't get resolved, try to directly switch off the computer by pressing down the power button and boot it again to check if the issue is resolved or not. In most cases, the issue will be resolved. However, if it doesn't, then try contacting Laptop Store customer care support for the best possible help.

Programs Crashing

If your computer crashes frequently, you may have a virus on your computer. To remove viruses, run anti-virus software on your computer and scan for viruses.

If the anti-virus software does not find any viruses, there may be a problem with your operating system or software on your computer.

Call the expert technician at Laptop Store, and they will help you out. They will install or uninstall a few programs, or even they may need to install the complete Windows 10 for your computer. They will do everything to fix your computer as soon as possible.


Your computer may be overheating if it feels too hot to touch. You can also try to see if your fan is working by keeping an eye on how your computer sounds when you use it. If it feels or sounds like the fan is always running at high speed, that's not a good indication for your computer, and that basically means that the computer is overheating.

Overheating can cause multiple problems to your computer, which include decreasing the computer performance, random shutdown, physical damage, and even parts can burn out. So, in this case, you should contact the Laptop Store india as soon as possible, so they can quickly fix the issue.

Moreover, do not use your computer before the overheating issue gets fixed by a technician, as it can cause more damage to the computer.


To conclude, this was all about Why you should choose Laptop Store india over other companies for HP Computer Dealers and Showrooms. Hopefully, you will like our approach. Laptop Store cares about its customers, so you can contact us anytime you want.

All in all, we at Laptop Store offer the best and most affordable services and repairs which are highly at the customer's convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if My PC Keeps beeping after repair?

If your PC is beeping after a repair, that means your PC has run out of RAM. So try to get in touch with Laptop Store's expert technician. Moreover, try to uninstall a few programs which are taking up a lot of RAM.

What to do if my PC Fans not working?

If the fans of your computer are not working, then there is nothing you can do. Just try to restart your computer and if it doesn't work, then contact Laptop Store indiafor your best help.

Will my computer work like new if I get a repair from Laptop Store?

It depends. If you got your old computer repaired, then it won't work like a new one, and that is too obvious to guess. However, if you just got your new computer repaired, then it will definitely work as a new PC.

How much does it cost to get your computer repaired from Laptop Store?

The cost of repairing your PC depends upon various things. For instance, what services you are opting for. If there is a damaged part in your computer, then the cost will be more. However, if it's just a software issue, then it does not cost you more.

Does the Laptop Store technician use genuine parts?

Yes, we use 100% genuine parts in any of our computer repairs. We don't prefer or use any duplicated part, so feel free to get your computer repaired at Laptop Store.

How does Laptop Store diagnose a computer problem?

The diagnosis process can vary depending upon the problem you are facing. Moreover, the technician is highly trained and professional, so they know what they are doing, so don't hesitate to ask them about any of your doubts regarding the diagnosis.

Grid View:
Rs. 108,497.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP Pavilion All-in-oneProcessor:I7 Gen 12RAM:16GB RAMHDD/SSD: 1 TB SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:31.5  inch Screen Graphics:Intel UHD GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 78,195.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP Pavilion AIO PC Processor:I5 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD: 1 TB HHD+ 256 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:27 INCHGraphics:Intel UHD GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 85,452.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP Pavilion AIOProcessor:I5 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD:512 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:31.5  inch Screen Graphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 127,050.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP Pavilion AIOProcessor:I7 Gen 12RAM:16 GB RAMHDD/SSD:1 TB SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:31.5  inch Screen Graphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 198,405.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:6J0W4PAProcessor:I9 Gen 12RAM:16 GB RAMHDD/SSD:1 TB SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:34 inch Screen Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 3060 + 6 GB GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 174,625.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:6J0W3PAProcessor:I7 Gen 12RAM:16 GB RAMHDD/SSD:1 TB SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:34 inch Screen Graphics:Nvidia Geforce 3060 + 6 GB GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 40,990.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP Chromebase All-in-One 22-aa0234Processor:I3 Gen 10RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD256 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:21.5Graphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 53,302.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-OneProcessor:I3 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD: 512 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:23.8 INCHGraphics:Intel UHD GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 65,768.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One Desktop PC 24-ck0660Processor:I5 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD 1 TB SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:-Graphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 41,750.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One Desktop 22-DD0480IN PCProcessor:I3 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD512 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen 21.5Graphics:AMD Radeon™ Vega 3  GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 55,338.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One AMD Ryzen 5-5625UProcessor:-RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD: 512 SSDOperating System:Window 11HomeScreen:23.8 inchGraphics:Radeon GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 67,278.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One 27-CB1456IN Processor:i5 Gen 12th RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD: 1 TBHHD + 256SSDOperating System:Window 11HomeScreen:27 inchGraphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 63,994.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One 24-cb1907Processor:I5 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD  512 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:-Graphics:-Warranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 65,872.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One Desktop PC 24-CB1902INProcessor:I5 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD 1 TB HHD , 256 SSDOperating System:Window 11 Screen:23.8Graphics:Intel® Iris® Xe GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

Rs. 56,387.00

Specification:Item Condition:NewModel Number:HP All-in-One Processor:I3 Gen 12RAM:8GB RAMHDD/SSD 256 SSDOperating System:Window 11 weight:6.6 kgGraphics:Intel UHD GraphicsWarranty:1 Year Warranty..

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