Dell Server

Ideal for Web Hosting Providers:

Web hosting providers can now rely on the Dell PowerEdge R240 rack server because of its reliability and lower total cost of ownership. As this server is available at an affordable price, now you can start your hosting business with less investment by purchasing and co-locating this server in any data center. The processors, memory module and huge storage space allow you to run multiple virtual machines efficiently.

Boosted by Intel Xeon E-2200 CPUs:

Increase the compute performance of your applications with the Dell PowerEdge R240 Rack server that supports Intel Xeon E2200 processor family. These processors enable the server to run multiple applications effortlessly. The highly efficient Intel Xeon E-2200 CPU comes with 4,6 or 8 cores that help to accelerate your business growth with enhanced performance.

Easy Management with iDRAC9:

Simplify the remote management tasks while making your IT operations efficient and cost-effective with iDRAC9. The iDRAC9, along with a Lifecycle controller, helps to make the server deployment, monitoring and updates fast and worry-free. You can easily manage the server from any location through the remote access.

Expandable Storage Options:

Dell PowerEdge R240 rack server supports up to four 3.5” cabled SAS, SATA hard drives or SSDs and it is also compatible with Hot-Plug drives that allow you to replace hard drives without switching off the entire system. You can connect four 3.5” or 2.5” hot-plug SAS, SATA hard drives or SSDs. Dell PowerEdge R240 server also supports various internal RAID controllers, which further enhances the storage capacity.

High-Performance Memory:

Run multiple applications without any delay as the Dell PowerEdge R240 comes with a memory capacity of up to 64GB that is good enough for seamless multitasking. You should utilize all the four DDR4 DIMM slots to get a space of 64GB. It supports UDIMM memory module with a memory speed of up to 2666MT/s.

Different Configurations at Low Price:

Dell PowerEdge R240 is the ideal server for budget-conscious business. We provide the flexibility of choosing the configuration as per your current business needs. You can buy the customized server depending on your present requirement. You can even choose the processor, memory capacity, storage drive, RAID controllers, power supply units and I/O ports as per your requirement.

Fully Upgraded BIOS Firmware:

Before delivering the Dell PowerEdge R240 server, we ensure that the server is up-to-date with all the updates released by Dell. To eliminate any compatibility issues, we upgrade the BIOS and firmware of the server. The upgradation enables the server to support new hypervisors, fix bugs, and offers increased stability.

3 Years Warranty:

Are you worried about the server’s reliability? Then do not worry as the Dell PowerEdge R240 rack server comes with 3 year onsite warranty coverage. We stand behind our server and guarantees that the server has a longer shelf life. But by chance, if you face any issue with the spare parts such as RAM, CPUs, Raid Cards, Power Supplies, Ethernet Card or any other component, then you can claim for instant replacement within the warranty period.

Delivery Available Across India:

We aim to make the entire shipping experience hassle-free and fast. Server Basket makes super-fast deliveries in a secure multi-layered package. We can quickly deliver any number of servers to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Noida, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and other cities of India within 5 days.

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Laptop Store is a one-stop shop for all stocking servers from top market players. Here a wide range of a brand new tower, rack, and blade servers are available at affordable prices. You can buy servers at a cheap price, custom designed to suit your business needs, and with instant delivery on site. At Laptop Store, be assured to get the lowest pric..

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