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Rs. 0.00

Specification:BrandHPModelZ6 G4ProcessorIntel Xeon Scalable ProcessorsRAM384GB RAMStorage22TBGraphicsNVidia Graphics cardCores28 CoresWarranty3 Years Warranty..

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Rs. 37,476.80

Specification:Are you interested in doing more than just regular things like email, web surfing, and word processing on your personal computer? Do you need more power to perform intense application work like rendering, 3D designs, animation, CAD, video, and audio creation and editing? Then, a workstation is all that you need. Server Basket (SB..

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Rs. 54,868.82

Specification:The HP Z230 Tower Workstation comes with a price that is highly attractive while offering the industry-leading processing power, Graphics technology, and reliability. This entry-level Workstation is fully customizable, and you can configure it with a wide selection of components that includes high-performance processors and&..

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Rs. 59,422.44

Specification:Get HP Z2 Mini G3 Workstation at a Cheap Deal Price online from Server Basket. Best Workstation for design professional who handles software applications like Vectorworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, MicroStation, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, and Revit? Then HP Z2 Mini Gen3 Workstation is the best Choice for you as it delivers the best performance,..

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Rs. 61,336.40

Specification:Do you need an ISV certified workstation with high-performance processors, powerful GPUs, good storage, and a huge memory for 3D design applications? Then buy the HP Z240 workstation, which is an excellent platform for civil engineers, designers, and professionals in various engineers to execute their graphical projects. ISV certifica..

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Rs. 67,930.24

Specification:Are you looking for a professional-grade desktop workstation that gives you the power required for running graphic-intensive applications and comes with certification for professional softwares? Your search ends with Server Basket. Buy HP Elite 800 G4 Desktop Tower Workstation edition, customizable with different configurations, from ..

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Rs. 97,137.60

Specification:Are you looking for a laptop that is more powerful and reliable than the desktop workstations? Then buy HP ZBook 15 G4 Mobile Workstation at an economical cost only from Server Basket.  Being equipped with the latest technology, numerous graphics cards and different options of operating systems to choose ..

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Rs. 113,870.00

Specification:The new Dell 7740 workstation is engineered with the best processors, memory, storage drives and professional graphics cards. Dell 7740 is the best workstation in the market that would never put a limit to your work and applications. The latest innovation is ideal for handling heavy graphics workload. For the best deals, buy the new D..

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Rs. 114,522.54

Specification:Do you want a great workstation that is suitable for 3D modelling and available within your budget? We have the solution for you. HP Z238 gives you the super creative experience that you are looking for, with performance and reliability on a low budget. It delivers energy-efficient performance from the latest Intel® Xeon® processors s..

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Rs. 116,324.40

Specification:BrandHPServer TypeMini Tower WorkstationPrice₹ 98,580.00ProcessorIntel Core X-series Processors, Intel Xeon W Processor FamilyNo of Processors1Max RAM256 GBMax Storage8 TBType of StorageNVMe PCIe SSD, SAS HDD, SAS SSD, SATA HDD, SATA SSDRAID ControllersRAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10Warranty3 Years..

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Rs. 121,481.00

Specification:The Hewlett Packard Enterprises Z440 workstation is a Powerful Workstation that is great at handling any demanding inputs for professionals like Engineers, Architects, Designers, Animators, Film-Makers, Videographers, Researchers and more. This HP Workstation has a Dual processor, Great memory, Superior Performance..

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Rs. 172,280.00

Specification:The Dell Precision T7400 Workstation is the Most Powerful Workstation that delivers the Multi-Core Processing Power and High Levels of Performance than you ever imagined. The Dell T7400 allows you to Create, Design, Analyze and Render without compromising on Anything. It gives you the potential to power through the most Complicated Ta..

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Rs. 194,700.00

Specification:The Dell Precision 5820 Desktop Tower Workstation is a platform that is packed with Features and Performance Potential. This Workstation is designed with Excellent Chassis design, Great Modeling Power, and Abilities, options for Expansion in Memory and Storage within your limited IT Budget. Purchase this All-New Dell Workstation for t..

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Rs. 217,120.00

Specification:Do you need a power-packed workstation that offers peak performance and renders mind-blowing support for your designing applications? Are you thirsty to experience the best user experience? Server Basket puts before the ISV certified dual-socket HP Z840 workstation with two octa-core processors, colossal expansion space and wide range..

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Rs. 224,200.00

Specification:The Dell Precision 7820 Tower Workstation gives the charge to your ideas and to push them beyond boundaries. Featuring a Dual-Socket Architecture, this Dell Workstation delivers the Maximum Performance in its Compact Design. Purchase this Best-in-class Dell 7820 Workstation from Server Basket for the Best Reasonable Price and also 3 Y..

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