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Acer Notebook Easy Care Post Warranty 1 Year Pack

  • Price: Rs. 3,590.00
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Notebook Easy Care Post Warranty Pack - 1-5W.00567.206

year addional carry in post warranty for Acer Notebook customers at ACSC locations

Term and Conditions

As of now post warranty for Predators is not available please check with HO if any demand

Notebook Battery pack & Adapters being consumable will not be covered under this additional extended warranty. It is only restricted to the 1st year of base product warranty period.

Additional 2 - years warranty is valid only in India.

Extended Warranty is model specific and needs to be purchased with reference to the applicable approved list (available online in APN)

Warranty shall be rendered null and void if:

  a) The product is physically damaged.

  b) The product is modified, maintained or repaired by a party not authorized by Acer India.

  c) The product is installed(including both Hardware and software), maintained and operated in ways other than as recommended by Acer India.

  d) The product is becomes faulty or damaged due to improper electrical supply.

  e) The model number, serial number or warranty stickers have been removed or tempered with.

  f) A non-Acer India certified product (like RAM, HDD, etc) is added internally to the desktop or notebook.

Warranty Limitations:

  a) Warranty is not transferable from one user or customer to another after resale or transfer of ownership of the notebook

  b) Warranty does not cover the replacement of the desktop or notebook as a unit.

  c) The warranty does not cover refund of money.

  d) Acer India will not be responsible for loss of data on the Desktop or notebook under any circumstances.

Warranty does not apply to the following.

  a) All plastic parts, chassis, hinges and cosmetic parts

  b) Internal and external damages in the LCD screen.

  c) Key top damages in Keyboards.

  e) Motherboard, keyboard and other component failures due to liquid/water spillage.

  f) Motherboard with Pin Bent / Broken / Broken DC connector or Burnt near the Ports (e.g. USB, Modem, LAN Port,Memory socket)

  g) CDs, Manuals, Power chord, Cables, Carry case

  h) Software, Virus, Non factory preloaded OS support.

  i) Physically damaged, burnt or spare parts exposed to unnatural weather or water/ corrosive liquids.

  j) Damages caused due to natural calamities/hazards, civil disturbances , riots.

  k)Theft and burglary

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